Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Fashion math: $ 300 Is it worth the money For A Little Black Dress?

Fashion Math: Is $300 Worth The Splurge For A Little Black Dress?

No matter what may be a special occasion, is a chic black dress is a standard go-to item. Just one or two really nice options and you're set for years. How much, but you're willing to spend on something that you need not wear it every day? This Black Halo Megan Halter Dress ($ 345) is appointed and during the evening is cut a little bit sexy, but can be covered so quickly. Let's see if the fashion shows to mathematics:

$ 11.50 Wear invite you might not think this a good thing, but a perfectly fitting dress, that will save you hours in the dressing rooms, hours to find out what they wear, and hours of frustration that comes with the extension.

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