Rabu, 08 April 2009

Is Nylon Magazine in financial trouble?

The fashion financial woes seem to be affecting more then just the fashion labels; browsing Missbehave this morning I came across the news from Nylon that subscribers will no longer be getting a physical copy of the magazine. Instead they will be emailed a digital version. If you're a Nylon subscriber you've probably received an email which includes this explanation;

No more lost issues! Ever had a magazine misplaced by the post office? Chewed up by the dog? Borrowed by your BFF? No problem - each digital edition in your NYLON subscription is always available to you, on our website or your computer!
No more paper! Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint? You have found one - enjoying NYLON Magazine on your screen instead of on paper! You'll have less to throw out too.

There's also something in the email about no longer having to wait for your magazine. Carbon footprints and dogs eating our magazines are rather weak excuses for what seems to be nothing more than a cost cutting measure. Surely it would be only fair to subscribers to give them the option to opt into the digital only scheme before making the switch.

All that said, if you really want a print copy of your magazine you can get in touch with Nylon and request that they send it to you, after all what else is your dog going to eat.

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